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      1. Chicago

        Fully Furnished Apartments at Optima Signature in Streeterville in Chicago, IL

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        Optima Signature 220 E Illinois St Chicago IL 60611 312-313-7034

        Optima Signature amenities simply cannot be beaten in Chicago.? With a 40 yard dash and a full basketball court, what else can you ask for?

        About Streeterville

        Coming to Chicago? Looking to stay in one of the city’s most fun and energetic neighborhoods? Our corporate housing in Streeterville will put you right in the middle of a walkable community that’s loaded with entertainment, attractions, upscale parks, and lakefront fun. Located on the Near North Side, Streeterville is bounded by the Chicago River on the south and by Lake Michigan ...

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        Have enjoyed this place immensely, and will give you guys a shout if I find myself back in Chicago for any length of time...

        Furnished Apartments Available Now!
        1327 W Washington Blvd, STE 106
        Chicago, IL 60607